We take pride in the fact that our guitars are hand-built to exacting specifications. We adhere to the strictest standards of quality and workmanship, and that will never change.

Every step of the building process gets the attention it deserves. From choosing the best piece of wood to the final coat of our lacquer finish, these guitars are built to last.

We invite you inside our building process. See what each of our guitars go through before they ever leave our doors.

Step 1: Selecting rough lumber | View Step
Step 2: Rough shaping of guitar's body | View Step
Step 3: Glue top and bottom together | View Step
Step 4: Route for truss-rod, add graphite | View Step
Step 5: Make fretboard, radius fingerboard | View Step
Step 6: Final shaping of body | View Step
Step 7: Route for pick-ups | View Step
Step 8: Shape Neck | View Step
Step 9: Final Sanding | View Step
Step 10: Test guitar before painting | View Step
Step 11: 7-10 coats of paint | View Step
Step 12: Final buff out | View Step
Step 13: Assembly, set-up, test, delivery | View Step

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